Silk Sheets or Satin Sheets

Can you tell the difference between silk sheets or satin sheets? When it comes to talk about satin sheets, most people think satin sheets are shiny, slippery, hot, and synthetic. On the other hand, they think silk sheets are always breathable and 100% natural! Satin sheets Shiny and slippery fabric is usually a satin ‘weave’.
Now, more and more girls like satin sheets that are sleek and soft. And, many single guys like placing satin sheets on their beds. Satin sheets are smooth and shiny, thus they are very popular. Satin sheets are made of very thin, high thread count fabric like nylon, polyester and acetate. These synthetic fibers are
Almost everything has advantages and disadvantages, so does silk comforters. Cons of Silk Filled Comforters High Cost: Making silk is a time-consuming, accurate and demanding process. Difficult to Care: Silk is very delicate. We cannot treat them like cotton. To remove some stains from silk, you had better send it to dry cleaning. Besides, frequent