Each fabric is different, so is silk. To measure the quality of silk fabric when shopping for silk products,  we must keep in mind the 3 key points: Weave, Momme Weight & Thread Count. 1. Type of Weave Our silk fabric for bedding products is Charmeuse weave which is one side dull and one shiny.

Silk Sheets or Satin Sheets

Can you tell the difference between silk sheets or satin sheets? When it comes to talk about satin sheets, most people think satin sheets are shiny, slippery, hot, and synthetic. On the other hand, they think silk sheets are always breathable and 100% natural! Satin sheets Shiny and slippery fabric is usually a satin ‘weave’.
Silk and satin are both luxurious fabrics that can come in a variety of beautiful colors and make bed sheets. They will transform any bedroom into a sumptuous retreat. With silk and satin, you can feel warm during colder months and cool in warmer months, helping offset a high price tag with their versatility. Silk