Our faces are all exposed to pillowcase. It is necessary to select a soft & healthy pillowcase. 1. Silk Silk is a natural protein secreted by the larvae of several different moths. Silk can prevent creases and wrinkles in the face, for this smooth fabric is easy on your silk when you move while sleeping.
Now, more and more girls like satin sheets that are sleek and soft. And, many single guys like placing satin sheets on their beds. Satin sheets are smooth and shiny, thus they are very popular. Satin sheets are made of very thin, high thread count fabric like nylon, polyester and acetate. These synthetic fibers are
We can use different fabrics to make pillowcase. If we don’t know how to choose a suitable one, we should determine which season pillowcase will serve. Winter In cold winter, you had better choose flannel pillowcases, for flannel is especially warm and has a velvety texture that feels comforting on cold nights. And, you can