Sheets, made up of a blend of fibers, often polyester and cotton, don’t require ironing usually. Polyester blend linens are also longer-wearing than cotton. What’s more, Polyester blend sheets are wrinkle-resistant.When you’re shopping for sheets that won’t wrinkle, you have to keep texture in mind as much as possible. Although sateen sheets will feel softer

What Bed Sheets Don’t Pill

Egyptian, Pima, and Supine cotton sheets are made from long, high quality fibers which will not pill.   Related Products

Satin Bed Sheets Buying Guide

Satin bed sheets can improve sleep quality as well as bedding quality. We recommend the following tips to quickly find suitable bed sheets which can suit your needs perfectly. The weave is the most important quality you need to check while buying satin bed sheets. Check out the package info and make sure that you’re

Silk Bed Linen Buying Guide

Before buying silk linen, you should consider durability. Tussah silk, a spun silk, is woven from un-continuous filaments, while mulberry silk linen is woven from lengthy continuous filaments. Thus, Tussah silk linen is less durable. Silk linen is suitable for all seasons. In summer, they wick away the moisture from the body. In winter, they