Generally, new bed sheets are treated with formaldehyde resin butane, and propane, thus they appear crisp and clean as they are neatly folded to make them attractive in their package. However, these odorous chemicals may be harmful to your skin and body. You have to wash bed sheets before using them to remove other manufacturing
New silk sheets smell nice and are wrinkle-free. New silk sheets come in different colors. With proper care, you not only can prolong the durability of your silk sheets but also can enjoy their new look. You don’t need to wash new silk sheets if your skin is reasonably robust and your nose sufficiently tolerant,
Different people have different methods of washing beddings. Of course the frequency is not the same. However, for new bedding, we need to rinse it thoroughly to remove the pulp and dyeing color on the surface. Bedding Washing Instructions Carefully read washing instructions before cleaning and remove lace and pendant before washing. Pour neutral detergent