Bed sheet was first used in the 15th century. Bed sheets were traditionally white and made of linen, cotton or silk. Related Posts How To Fall Asleep Faster 4 Sleep Hacks for Better Sleep 5 Ways to Sleep When You Have a Noisy Housemate Related Products
Fitted sheets, bottom sheets, are used to cover the mattress and provide a smooth and soft surface for the sleeper to lie on. History In 1959, Bertha Berman patented a design for fitted sheets that had corners sewn in a way that would fit the sheet to the mattress. Although these sheets were still less
This article present you with a breakdown of the most common fabrics used to make bed sheets. 1. Silk fabric Silk fabrics have gorgeous and rich appearance, and their elasticity and moisture absorption are much better than cotton.  Silk has the effect of natural soft light and flicker. Silk bed sheets are the best among