WordPress Easy Syntax Highlighter Plugin

Syntax Highlighter powered by Google code prettify script, fast and lightweight. Up to 31 preset different color themes.

  • Works even if code contains embedded links, line numbers, etc.
  • Options to show line numbers or not.
  • Lightweights: small download and does not block page from loading while running.
  • Supports all C-like, Bash-like, and XML-like languages. No need to specify the language.
  • Extensible language handlers for other languages. You can specify the language.
  • Widely used with good cross-browser support.

Inspired by GitHub – google/code-prettify & GitHub – color-themes-for-google-code-prettify


Easy Syntax Highlighter


Input Code Block in Visual Editor, then switch to Text Editor, and click the shortcode quicktags.

  • [SyntaxHL] code block inside [/SyntaxHL]    — this will NOT show line numbers.
  • [SyntaxHLNumbers] code block inside [/SyntaxHLNumbers]    — this will show line numbers.


Color themes

Color themes

Color themes