All About Bedding

Enlightening facts you never knew about bedding. Types of bedding: list of basic terms and items.

When to Replace a Down Comforter

Down comforters offer the ultimate in comfort. But, if your down comforter has been used for 10-15 years, it won’t offer this comfort. Now, it’s time to change your down comforter. Try doing some test if you don’t know whether you should replace your down comforter. Remove down comforter from the duvet cover. Hold the

What’s A Down Blanket

Down comforter is very popular in bedding. Sometimes, however, people might choose down blankets because they think down comforters are too warm. Down blanket is, in essence, a thinner version of a down comforter. Down is a natural fiber. Both down comforters and blankets have excellent insulation. The alternative of a synthetic blanket will be

Thread Count Doesn’t Always Matter

When buying sheets, we always choose one with high thread count. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets. However, a higher thread count doesn’t mean you’re buying a better quality sheet. “If you got sheet beyond 400 threads per square inch, you could doubt its quality,” Julian Tomchin told The
Egyptian cotton sheets not only are softer, longer lasting but also don’t pill easily. More and more people like purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets, but most of them are more likely to buy low-end sheets and duvet covers with high-end prices. Thread Count A New York woman bought sheets labeled with “800 Natural” from a national

How To Shop for High Quality Bed Sheets

What does thread count really mean? How does thread count affect the quality of sheets? It seems simple—the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets, right? What Is Thread Count Thread count on the sheets you are looking at is the number of threads woven together in a square inch. It

How To Shop for the Softest Bed Sheets

You will feel very comfortable if you use sheets and duvet covers with high thread count. However, do you know what actually determines the comfort level of your sheets and duvet covers? The Right Weave The weave that is used in your sheets is a big factor in how comfortable it is. If you prefer
What depth of fitted sheet or mattress protector should you buy? Do you know what depth of fitted sheet to buy? Do you know what depth of mattress protector to buy? The best rule is the deeper the better. If the fitted sheets are not deep enough, they have not been fitting correctly and riding
Want to change your bedroom? Which color would you like to choose? Yellow Yellow is happy and energizing. You will have a happy new day if you wake up in a yellow bedroom. Tune yellow down a notch because people anger easily or can feel more anxious in a yellow room. Limit the bright, sunshiny,
How to clean up your bedroom for spring and summer? Embrace the Season. Celebrate the season by bringing a bit of summer into your bedroom. You can bring house plants and flowers to your bedroom because they are not only pretty but also relaxing by nature. Change Sheets and Blankets. In spring and summer, you
Do you know how to choose the right sheets? How to choose a sheet which not only is attractive but also can offer the sleeping surface you want? Weave The weave may be the number one factor in how your sheet feels. The most common is percale weave – sort of a basket weave. A
Bamboo sheets, a new luxury fabric with incredible softness, are soft and are strong. These beautiful sheets will dress your bed and your bedroom luxuriously. Bamboo sheets have natural hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. Choosing bamboo sheets can help to protect the environment. You will be happy when you wake up rested and refreshed. Its inside
If you want to wake up without aches and pains, you should choose a right pillow to keep your spine aligned. Find your sleeping style Different people have different sleeping position. We can see your personality from your sleep posture. However, some people’s sleeping position is not the perfect one. Sometimes, we might take the