All About Bedding

Enlightening facts you never knew about bedding. Types of bedding: list of basic terms and items.

We always place mattress toppers on top of our mattresses and underneath the bottom sheet. Some people think toppers are just accessory. Experienced users know that a right topper will not only make you feel comfortable but also affect your temperature in bed. How to choose the right one for you? Duck Feather and Down

Feather Bedding vs. Down Bedding

Do you know the difference between down and feather pillows and duvets? Feather The feathers of birds not only help them fly but also keep them warm and dry. Feathers are larger and heavier, as their quill run down the middle of the feather and the strands attached to it are thicker. Feathers are long
We spend a lot of time in bed. Average, we spend about 26 years in our bed. Bed is very important for our health. However, do you know when you should replace your bed? Physical Signs You should notice some physical signs. For instance, can you perhaps feel the springs pushing into your back? Or
We use pillows, duvets and mattresses every day. But, many people don’t know when we should replace them. Duvets We should replace duvets when we see signs of wear and tear, lumping or lack of plumpness. Before beginning to bunch or lose their oomph, duvets will usually furnish a bed for a much longer amount

Winter Duvet Buying Guide

How to choose winter duvet? In recent years, you have many choices since there have been some great innovations in bedding and duvet manufacture. Tog Rating Duvets have a Tog rating. The standard duvet Tog rating scale runs from 1 through to 15. The higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet. However, in the

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs like our bed because this warm and dry place contains ready food. How to identify if your bed has bed bugs? How to keep your bed bugs free? Tips for Discovering Bed Bugs A series of red bite marks on bed Brown or reddish stains on bedding A smell of coriander in your
When buying a new mattress, you have two choices: memory foam and feather. Which one to choose? Memory Foam Mattress Topper Goose/Duck Feather Mattress Topper Features It is a spongy material which softens in reaction to your body heat. It molds perfectly to the contours of your body, and spring back to its original shape.
Do you know the difference between down natural filled duvets and synthetic filled duvets? Natural Filled Duvets In winter months, some people choose natural filled duvets since they keep you so warm due to it settling over our and filling the gaps. You will never be cold if you sleep under this type of duvet.

What Does Glamping Mean

Glamping Many people don’t like to camp for quite some time on holiday since it is very cold. Now, glamping, a new camping term, has been born. Glamping is camping in a modern tent. With it, you don’t have to forego your creature comforts including your bedding since this new tent includes a whole range
Good sleep is an essential component of good health. To get a great night’s sleep, you should choose a right pillow. Now, more and more people choose memory foam pillows. Designed by NASA back in the mid-1960’s, memory foam pillow is made from a material called viscoelastic, being highly energy absorbent and soft. This pillow

Types of Mattress Toppers

Back pain will affect anyone. Over time, old people will suffer back pain because of the sheer trials and tribulations of life, and young people may also suffer this through injuries, accidents or particularly strenuous lines of work. Besides, mattress can also cause the harm to your health. Mattresses have a life cycle, and they

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Different sleep positions need different pillows. Side sleeping is the most common sleep position. If you like sleeping on the side, you will find there is a greater difference between the head and the mattress and this distance needs to be filled to create a natural (straight) spine alignment. So, side sleeping will create the