Sleeping Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips for falling asleep faster, getting quality rest, and waking up easier in the morning.

What’s your sleep style? How to choose a suitable mattress for your sleep style? Mattress for a Combination of Styles We are all woken up in a bizarre position although we know which position we tend to fall asleep. Sometimes, we’re halfway on our back while sort-of at the same time on our side; sometimes
You don’t sleep well at night. There are many reasons for poor sleep. How to solve the sleeping problems? Too Much Noise Noise will cause pressure, affect sleep. There is a lot of noise, including snoring, outside street sounds, and loud disturbances. Hush earplugs are wireless and connect directly to your smartphone. You can set
We love summer because of beachy days, fruity drinks, epic sunsets. However, we always have trouble falling asleep in summer. How to get restful sleep in summer? Keep a cool room. Temperature is an important factor. Keep your bedroom about 65 degrees. Look for a window or portable unit with a digital temperature readout if
Sleeping in two blocks of time or taking a nap might be better than that 8-hours of shuteye. Be More Alert and More Creative. You can take a nap when your body is slowing down, and you will wake up to another period of increased alertness and creativity. People are asked to remember specific words
A good sleep will refresh you. During sleep you can pass through 4 phases: 1, 2, 3, and REM (Rapid Eye Movement). These stages can pass regularly from stage 1 through to REM, and begin at stage 1 again. This complete cycle lasts roughly 90 to 110 minutes. Stage One In this stage, you drift

5 Types Of Nappers

Compared with people who are never or rarely nap, regular nappers tend to be sticker and sadder. Want to know more information about naps? Here are 5 different kinds of napper. Emotional Nappers They are more likely to have sleep problems and psychological and health problems. More women than men say they are napping for
A cool temperature can help to have a good night’s sleep. Melatonin We need melatonin if we want to fall asleep. A cool temperature can let your body produce more melatonin, the anti-aging hormone, making you sleep well and look younger. Decrease Your Risk Sleeping in a room that is 66 degrees helps you burn

The Science Behind Dreaming

During our sleep we often have dreams. Generally, although many people don’t always remember them, everyone has dreams when they are sleeping. Does dream solve problems? Scientists use lucid dreamers who are aware when they are in the middle of a dream and they can change the dream or control it to look at whether

What Is Sleep Paralysis

Are you afraid of the dark? Did you ever have nightmares about the intruder and the monster is coming? You cannot do anything, cannot even scream when the monster is out from the bed? In fact, this is sleep paralysis which happens to people all over the world. Facts About This Terrifying Phenomenon Sleep paralysis
You still cannot fall asleep after taking a hot bath, drinking some warm milk and counting sheep? What should you do? Sleep experts recommend six strange tricks to help you fall asleep. Rewind Reliving all the mundane happenings of the day helps you reach a mental state that’s ready to nod off. If you cannot
What should you do if you cannot fall asleep? What should you do if you have insomnia? Accept Insomnia. Try to accept the fact you are awake and you have insomnia. Do not make any judgments or comparisons. Do not think the influence of insomnia. Maintain optimism. Normally get up and move around. Read a
Do you know how to fall asleep while you are flying high? Wear Comfortable Clothing. You are getting on a plane, so the days of dressing up are gone. It isn’t all that easy to fall asleep at 40,000 feet. Tight and binding clothing isn’t going to help. Forget the heavy fabric of jeans. When