Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their good quality. Egyptian cotton sheets not only last long but are soft. They look better than regular sheets. 1. It’s All in the Plant In the 1800s, the ruler introduced Egyptian cotton, made of from the species gossypium barbadense, to Egypt to improve the cotton crop. As the

How to Pick Bed Sheets

When picking bed sheets, you should consider its fabric type, weave and thread count. 1. Fabric. As we know, most sheets on the market came in cotton. Egyptian cotton is the finest and the most expensive type available. Pima cotton is another high-quality choice. Cotton-polyester blends are good ideal for children’s beds. Linen sheets are
If you want to choose cotton sheets, you can choose Egyptian cotton since it is the ne plus ultra of bed linens. Egyptian cotton sheets are durable and luxuriously soft. If you want something light, you can consider sheets of cotton-poplin. Cotton sheets, soft and breathable, could keep you warm during cold seasons and stay
Bed sheet is a necessity, and it is a little bit expensive. However, how to choose the right bed sheets? Color The color of your bed sheets should go well with the comforter and the bedroom. Lighter colored bed sheets easily show stains. Darker colored bed sheets easily fade. If you choose a pattern, you