Silk History & Uses

Silk, originated in China, is one of the oldest fibers known to man . The history of silk is both enchanting and illustrious. These articles cover the various facts of silk history.

We can weave silk into textiles to make silk clothing. However, do you know how to get silk? In general, most of silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori reared in captivity (sericulture). Silk fabric was invented in Ancient China in 3,500 BCE, and played an important

How to Make a Silk Comforter

Silk floss looks similar to a cotton ball that has been stretched out and flattened. However, the individual silk fibers are very long, and this extremely long fiber length makes silk fabric so smooth. Silk floss has different types. For instance, mulberry silk floss comes from silk worms that are fed a diet of pure
Silk production has doubled over the last 30 years. Silk is used to make fine dresses. Chinese women make wedding cheongsam dresses by using silk, for silk is one of the finest materials known in ancient Chinese culture. Besides, they will sew delicately woven dragons, flowers and butterflies into the silk dresses. Silk will make

How Silk is Made

Silk is a natural protein secreted by the larvae of several different moths. Do you know how silk is made? Silk Manufacturing Process The silk making process starts from the eggs laid by silk moth. As we know, an average silk worm lays thousands of eggs in one go. Thus, once silk worms begin hatching
When it comes to kimono, we will firstly think of Japanese for the kimono is now an international Japanese symbol. However, it was originally brought to Japan by Chinese in the 8th century AD. As time goes by, silk kimono is an eternal fashion trend. Today, people across the world are wearing silk kimono. Silk

Best Silk Pajamas for Women

Are you still looking for the most comfortable pajamas? You can try silk pajamas if you are unhappy with your current sleepwear. We offer lightweight as well as breathable silk pajamas which are made of high quality mulberry silk. We make the most comfortable silk pajamas for women by adding a feminine twist to a
The History of Silk

The Secrets of Silk

Silk is a luxuriously soft and opulent fabric. Chinese kept silk to themselves for thousands of years. People would be punishable by death, if he revealed the secrets of the silk. However, one day, a princess who smuggled cocoons in her hair reported that somebody had disclosed the secret of ancient Chinese. Japanese snatch four
Now, more and more people wear silk robes in summer. No doubt, silk robes are a preferred summer accessory. Silk is breathable. Thus, many women choose silk robes. Silk robe makes you feel cool in hot days. Summer is the perfect time to test silk robes that deliver such an exceptional feel. We offer different
Only a handful of manufacturers produce top-notch silk dressing gown because of the lack of demand for the last few decades. Now, most gowns come with a shawl collar in the wrap-around style. If you want to select one with velvet lapels and cuffs or other luxurious trimmings, you can select the most expensive off-the-rack

How Is Mulberry Silk Made

Mulberry silk is famous for its smoothness and stronger fiber, and is the most expensive one in natural silk. Why is it so expensive? Here, before knowing why, you should know how mulberry silk is made? The silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth are used to make mulberry silk. The moth lays eggs, and it
Many things have to be considered when planning a wedding. For instance, you have to spend a lot of time thinking what presents to give to bridesmaids to express your gratitude. Here, if you really don’t know what to get, you can send silk robes. If your bridesmaids are spending the night with you before
Everyone, especially women, admires beauty. Now, you can try silk cocoons to keep skin smooth and blemish free. What Is Silk Cocoon Silkworm cocoon, the casing of silkworm, is used to clean and exfoliates the skin. Most silk cocoons are white or soft yellow, and have an oval or round shape. A regular silk cocoon

Kids Pajama Party Games and Ideas

Children’s fluctuating energy levels can be expressed through the pajamas party’s ideas. Begins with high-energy sleeping bag races, and ends with arts-and-crafts activity. More useful tips are shown below. Activities in Pajama Party Turn clean pillow cases or large white t-shirts into pajamas and felt-tipped fabric markers. Instruct children to decorate their pillowcases with their
About 4,000 years ago the Chinese discovered the secret of the silk cocoon. No one knows exactly how or when this important discovery was made. One story says that a young princess was drinking tea in her garden and watching silkworms spin cocoons. By chance one dropped into her tea and the hot tea made
The picture shows the life cycle of silkworm. Altogether there are four stages. First of all, a moth produces several eggs and after ten days’ growth each egg becomes a silkworm larva that feeds on mulberry leaf. This stage will last four to six weeks, and after which the larva begin to produce a cocoon

Common Uses of Silkworms

Silkworms are various species of moths come from the larvae. Bombyx mori, the most common type of silkworms, has been severely domesticated. They depend on humans for their reproduction, and eat only the leaves of mulberry trees. Producing Silk Silk is made of silk cocoons which consist of a single wire line and the line
As spider silk is stronger than steel, smaller than human hair, elastic, flexible and biodegradable, human use it for thousands of years for various purposes such as bandages to bulletproof vests. Crosshairs Scientists in the 19th century used telescopes to study spider silk, and they found that spider silk is 30 times smaller than human
Iron transfer allows you to use heat to decorate and personalize text and images to transfer ink to the fabric. As the more delicate nature of silk, heat may damage the fabric and render the cloth unusable. Transfer paper plays a great role while transferring the image to the silk. And, you can complete the
Silk is a natural, strong, stretchy fiber. It can be made into durable and beautiful cloth which can be dyed any color you want. And this fiber starts with threads. A silkworm uses to enclose himself in a cocoon where, and then he will go through metamorphosis to emerge as a moth in this cocoon.

What is Cotton Silk Blend Fabric

Fabrics are made of a variety of different things. For instance, some are cultivated from the developments of animals and insects, and some are harvested from plants. As time goes by, hybrids of fabrics have been developed. Now, fully combined their attributes, manufactures make more comfortable, convenient and affordable clothes to users. Harvest of Cotton