Silk Buying Guide

The ultimate guide to buying silk bedding products. Tips for buying high-quality silk sheets, silk pillowcases, silk comforters.

Red silk sheets are quite romantic. Red color not only can increase a person’s romantic feelings but also can pique a person’s interest in the other person. According to a survey, men tend to notice woman who wears red. Therefore, red silks are associated with more negative connotations. Besides, red silk sheets can go a
Silk sheets are much more expensive than a set of low thread count cotton blend sheets.  However, it’s worth investing in silk sheets. Silk sheets, soft and luxurious, come from silkworms but don’t get grossed out. Silk fiber is a kind of 100% natural protein spun by silkworms. It is truly difficult and tricky to
When purchasing silk sheets, we should look at momme weight as well as thread count. In general, most people choose silk sheets with 22 momme weight. Why? It is impossible to determine thread count for the silk threads that are used to make up silk sheets are so fine. Therefore, we use momme weight to
Do you know how to get the best quality silk? Here are some things you need to know before buying silk. Types of Silk You have to pay attention to the type of silk before buying silk. You had better choose mulberry silk instead of wild silk, for mulberry silk contains a longer, wider, more
Now, more and more users choose silk bed lines for they offer a comfortable night sleep. However, most of them don’t know how to choose the most luxurious natural material. Follow these 5 tips to select the best silk bed linens. 1. Cultivated Silk As a matter of fact, cultivated silk is the best silk
Each fabric is different, so is silk. To measure the quality of silk fabric when shopping for silk products,  we must keep in mind the 3 key points: Weave, Momme Weight & Thread Count. 1. Type of Weave Our silk fabric for bedding products is Charmeuse weave which is one side dull and one shiny.
It is a challenge to choose the right silk bed sheets for summer. 1. Material Before choosing summer bed sheets, you have to consider the material. Silk can keep cool sheets for summer’s high temperatures, for its material offers breathable nature and wicking properties. Thus, during the hot summer nights, you will feel cool as

How Much Do Silk Sheets Cost

The prices of silk sheets are changing all the time as the price of silk fibers are changing. Different silk sheets, even if they are all are 100% mulberry silk sheets, have different prices. The quality of the silk sheets, the production, and many times even the place where the silk sheets were cultivated will
In hot summer days, silk sheets are the best choice for us since it can make us feel cool. Silk bedding sheets will give us a comfortable feeling. Silk bedding sheets are not prone to pilling or lint. Silk bedding sheets are suitable for any seasons as well. Silk bedding sheets can breathe easily as
Bedtime is a good way to reduce tension, and relieve stress. And, you can wear men’s ilk robe, because it only can help you wind down but also make your night’s rest more comfortable. Men’s silk robes are as important as luxury sheets, down comforter and perfect mattress. With men’s silk robes that fit your

Silk Bed Linen Buying Guide

Before buying silk linen, you should consider durability. Tussah silk, a spun silk, is woven from un-continuous filaments, while mulberry silk linen is woven from lengthy continuous filaments. Thus, Tussah silk linen is less durable. Silk linen is suitable for all seasons. In summer, they wick away the moisture from the body. In winter, they
You should know Mummy and Rectangle sleeping bag liner before buying one. Mummy shaped liners designed to slip inside your sleeping bag. Rectangular liners (also known as travel sheets) designed for use on their own or inside a rectangular sleeping bag. If you roll up mummy sleeping bag liner, it will be smaller in size.
Before purchasing silk sheets, you had better know some basic types. Wild silk and cultivated silk are the main two types of silk. Wild silk comes from wild silkworms. Wild silk is not as durable or as strong as cultivated, for its filament threads are not long continuous threads like those from cultivated silk. However,
If you want to buy silk duvet covers that can be used to protect the existing quilt, you will find the cost is relatively high, compared with normal cotton duvet covers. How can we buy silk duvet covers without breaking the budget? Silk duvet covers, also called quilt covers, are washable and create a sleek
You have to know who will wear the silk robe before buying it. There are many styles of silk robes including men’s, ladies’ and lovers’ silk robes. Man’s silk robe is long and hits at least the shin or even the ankle when worn. Note: silk robe is different from a smoking jacket. Smoking jackets,
Today, more and more users, especially women, choose silk pajamas. Silk pajamas help sleep. Silk, a light and soft fabric, allows you to move freely in sleep and without any constrictions, thus you can sleep better and have more resting time to relax your body totally. Silk, natural fabric, lets your skin breathe, helping keep

Where to Buy Silk Duvet Covers

It is generally known that comfortable silk duvet covers will give people a good night sleep. You had to be careful when buying new silk duvets. It is recommended to look for nice and comfortable silk duvet covers that not only feel good but look good as well. Silk duvet covers can match the interior
There are different kinds of silk sheet sets. And, in some special days, you can choose red silk sheets for they can present romance. Red is regarded as a romantic color all of the time. Red silk sheets are the ultimate romantic gesture hence. You will find few images more iconic than the red honeymoon

How to Choose Silk Blankets

Silk blankets not only can make you feel cool in hot weather but also can warm your bones in clod night. In general, silk blankets are the best choice for you. Silk blankets, strength, softness and warmth, are one of the most versatile items in your linen closet and offer the ultimate in luxury. Silk

Why Is Silk So Expensive

In general, you have to spend hundreds of dollars buying a set of silk bedding. Why silk is so expensive? Who can tell me? A yard of woven silk cloth needs almost 3,000 silk cocoons. It takes a whole lot of mulberry leaves to produce those cocoons. After eating 200 pounds of leaves, the worms