Silk Buying Guide

The ultimate guide to buying silk bedding products. Tips for buying high-quality silk sheets, silk pillowcases, silk comforters.

You should know Mummy and Rectangle sleeping bag liner before buying one. Mummy shaped liners designed to slip inside your sleeping bag. Rectangular liners (also known as travel sheets) designed for use on their own or inside a rectangular sleeping bag. If you roll up mummy sleeping bag liner, it will be smaller in size.
Before purchasing silk sheets, you had better know some basic types. Wild silk and cultivated silk are the main two types of silk. Wild silk comes from wild silkworms. Wild silk is not as durable or as strong as cultivated, for its filament threads are not long continuous threads like those from cultivated silk. However,
If you want to buy silk duvet covers that can be used to protect the existing quilt, you will find the cost is relatively high, compared with normal cotton duvet covers. How can we buy silk duvet covers without breaking the budget? Silk duvet covers, also called quilt covers, are washable and create a sleek
There are different kinds of silk sheet sets. And, in some special days, you can choose red silk sheets for they can present romance. Red is regarded as a romantic color all of the time. Red silk sheets are the ultimate romantic gesture hence. You will find few images more iconic than the red honeymoon

How to Choose Silk Blankets

Silk blankets not only can make you feel cool in hot weather but also can warm your bones in clod night. In general, silk blankets are the best choice for you. Silk blankets, strength, softness and warmth, are one of the most versatile items in your linen closet and offer the ultimate in luxury. Silk

Why Is Silk So Expensive

In general, you have to spend hundreds of dollars buying a set of silk bedding. Why silk is so expensive? Who can tell me? A yard of woven silk cloth needs almost 3,000 silk cocoons. It takes a whole lot of mulberry leaves to produce those cocoons. After eating 200 pounds of leaves, the worms
Sale is used when a shop wants to sell multiple items fast, especially in a holiday promotion activity. For example, “Christmas Sale! 20% OFF Silk Sheets, 30% OFF Silk Nighties!”Clearance is used when a shop wants to clear a certain batch of goods, usually at unbelievable low price. For example, “End of Summer Clearance! Silk

Silk Comforter vs. Down Comforter

Nowadays, down comforters are gradually replaced by silk comforters. In general, silk comforters will be priced at similar levels to down duvets. So, why more and more people choose silk comforters? Silk comforters are thinner and more breathable than down duvets. Silk comforters will regulate temperature around your body naturally by letting excessive heat escape.
Any woman is hoping for find comfortable and stylish underwear. Now, our silk underwear is the best choice for women. Silk, a great temperature regulator, can regulate body’s temperature to make you feel cool in hot summer and warm in cold winter. And, Silk, made of natural mulberry silk, is breathable and comfortable. With silk

Silk Duvets vs. Down Duvets

Sleeping with a good comforter, we can enjoy a warm and peaceful sleep and dream. It is important to choose a suitable comforter. Made of staggered piece of cocoons pulled by hand, silk comforter is very soft and light. Many people like sleeping with silk comforter for its comfortable feeling. Silk Duvets Silk contains lots
Mulberry silk contains natural protein and more than 18 amino acids, improving the overall health of your skin and hair. Therefore, more and more users like silk pajamas. However, they don’t know whether the silk pajamas they bought are pure silk material since there are lots of silk garments in the market. Pajama Material There silk bedding sets have many color choices, the most popular colors are pink, blue, purple & dark teal. 1. Pink Pink, universal color of love, is ripe, feminine and intuitive. You can combine light pink items with blue, dark green, black, gray, and other dark colors to make it stronger and more sophisticated. 2.