Sleeping Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips for falling asleep faster, getting quality rest, and waking up easier in the morning.

You are wrong if you think sleep is a passive. In fact, sleep is a very active state. Two Main Types of Sleep Types Features Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep It occurs during the first 90 minutes. It restores the physical body. It releases growth hormones. It stimulates the immune system to defend against infections.
Some teas may be helpful to sleep. Valerian Root Tea For many years, valerian root has been used to create a wealth of medicinal aids. Valerian root is particularly well known for its medicinal properties, and it helps sleep. Drinking valerian root before hitting the sack helps you get a good night’s sleep. In 2006,

Should We Wear Socks to Bed

Now, socks become diversified. They are in every color, every size and every shape. However, there is something about socks that leaves many of us with cold feet. Socks can be combined with various of sandals. However, socks are most likely to be ignored, and most of us always notice a dress or suit. Some
When you wake up, you can’t feel your arm. What’s really happening when you wake up with a dead arm? Waking up with a dead dream is a pretty scary experience. In your tired state, you might begin to panic. Generally, don’t feel panic. A few minutes later, the feeling always comes back following a

Which Animals Sleep The Most

Sleep plays a crucial role for everyone. In our lifetime, about 1/3 of the time spent in sleep. Most of us need around 8 hours of sleep each night to function at our best. Short sleep may represent a cause of ill-health, and long sleep is believed to represent more an indicator of ill-health. Therefore,

Changes in Sleep with Age

Our sleep patterns change as we age, and several factors are contributing to changes in our sleep patterns as we age. Changes in sleeping as we age are a part of the normal aging process, along with the physical changes that occur in our bodies as we get older. The old have a harder time

How To Treat Sleep Deprivation

Poor sleep is linked to depression, heart disease, strokes and other accidents. Fortunately, you can do some things to improve your overall sleep experience. Bed Purchase a good mattress pad and some luxury linens as there is nothing else that feels quite as nice next to your skin. Down Comforter Check your down comforter after
Do you know the different sleeping positions as well as their value? The best sleeping position depends on whether you snore, or have heartburn, back, hip, knee, neck, or shoulder problems. It is recommended to choose a mattress that is comfortable and fully supports your body without creating pressure points. Sleep posture can make a
There is no doubt silk sheets will bring us a lot of surprising benefits. For instance, silk sheets can delay wrinkling in the skin. Silk sheets are a good choice for women, especially during menopause. Women will feel discomfort and stress, since a feeling of intense heat covers all over the body. Your brain will
Now, more and more choose silk filled pillows for a good night’s sleep. You had better use silk filled pillows if you find yourself suffering from allergy symptoms when you go to bed or when you wake in the morning, for silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. In other words, silk filled pillows
It is hard to overlook the significance of sleep since one third of our lives are spent in bed.  However, as we learn more and more about the importance of sleep for health, we find evidence that people seem to be sleeping less and less. Now, falling asleep and staying asleep has become a challenge
Want to get your frizzy hair under control? Now, silk pillowcases can help you. Cotton vs. Silk Pillowcases Traditional cotton pillowcases cause your hair to become frizzy as you sleep because they cause excess friction. Cotton pillowcases with a high thread count have fibers, offering resistance to fragile hair and skin cells. During your sleep,