Sleeping Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips for falling asleep faster, getting quality rest, and waking up easier in the morning.

In cold winter, you can choose silk bed sheets if you want to have a good night sleep. Stay Warm and Cozy Silk bed sheets can naturally drape close to the body, retaining body heat in the winter months. Silk–filled duvets provide an insulating effect to regulate body temperature and retain natural warmth. Silk can
Silk duvets can help you sleep in comfort. Breathability Silk allows your duvet to breathe. Sleeping with silk duvets, you will never overheat or feel cold, for silk duvets are able to maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night. Silk duvets allow you to enjoy a consistent body temperature and ensure your total comfort.
No doubt, every woman like wearing comfortable clothes, especially when they are go to sleep. Thus, more and more people buying silk pajamas because they offer real great deal. Besides, silk pajamas look luxurious, stylish and chic. However, some people have not yet tried silk pajamas, for they think they don’t have enough money buying
Sleep quality is closely related to health. If you are unable to get a good night’s rest, you will have no energy during the daytime. Therefore, please get a good night’s sleep. And silk bedding helps sleep. Silk bedding set, most natural material, contains 18 amino acids for our body. Sleeping on silk for a
There’s nothing like a silk nightgown because it has many advantages. Soft and smooth Silk nightgowns are famous for being incredibly soft and smooth on the skin, thus more and more people choose it. Breathe This lightweight intimate apparel, made from natural fibers, allows your skin to breathe. Thus, when you sleep, you will feel
Owning silk bedding will make you feel like a movie star or starlet. Silk is soft as well as lightweight. If you sleep under a light as a feather silk blanket, you can enjoy the same warmth of wool. Silk has a smooth surface and is extremely fine, thus silk feels softer against the skin
No doubt, everybody’s looking for the most comfortable silk pajamas. Pajamas, made of flannel, cotton or man-made fabrics, will rub us in all the wrong places. Besides, flannel pajamas can feel rough on sensitive skin. However, silk pajamas, made of high quality mulberry silk, are lightweight as well as breathable. Therefore, you can try silk
Eye mask blocks unwanted light and helps your body produce melatonin to let your body naturally fall asleep. Besides bedroom, sleep mask can be used in many other places, and it has different uses including relaxation and meditation. Therefore, before choosing sleep mask, you should firstly consider the prime use for your sleep mask. The

How to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Both sleep habits and daily lifestyle can affect your sleep quality. Tips below can improve your sleep quality. Improve Sleep Environment A nice sleeping environment is the key of good sleep. A big and comfortable bed, thus you have enough space to stretch and turn. You may consider changing new bedding sets if you have
Do you get a morning headache after you wake up? Do you know how to solve the morning headaches problem? Select a Right Pillows A right pillow can keep your vertebra in the right and natural position to minimize any nerve stimulation and protect your long term spine health. Your pillowcase should give you a

How to Get Better Sleep at Night

As we all know, people spend 1/3 of the day to sleep. In other words, normal adults need 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep per day. And, sleeping quality has a huge impact on our lives. Quality sleep can maintain health, stimulate body growth and development, repair muscle and tissue and improve immune system. Try

How to Improve Baby and Toddler Sleep

Sleep is important for everyone, especially for babies and young children. Sleep time and sleep quality directly affect the baby’s physical growth and mental development. Here are some alternative things you can do to enhance your baby’s mental and physical development. Selecting Suitable Bed Sheets and Pajamas Sleeping on healthy and comfortable bedding helps promote