Silk DIY Tutorials

How to sew with silk. How to sew a travel size pillowcase, baby nightgown. Instructions to sew a silk quilt.

How To Sew A Travel Size Pillow Case

Make yourself comfortable while on the road by carrying your own travel-size pillows. DIY sewing a pillow case for your travel pillow is easy to do. How to sew a travel size pillowcase Measure the size of the travel pillow the pillow case will go on. Most travel pillows are 12 by 16 inches. Select
Wearing pajamas outside has already become a fashion trend. There are some tips for choosing the right pajamas to wear outside and matching them with other clothes. 1. Wear as a Coat You can wear your short silk robe or pajamas as a coat and then wear pants or dresses, making you cool and relax.

Sewing and Quilting with Silk

Using silk for quilting! People probably never had this idea in mind. In general, using silk for quilting is a good idea, for silk has a wonderful shine. Here are some useful tips when sewing and quilting with silk. Change the setting on the iron to low or medium temperature, do not use steam. Do
Can we dye satin, a relatively fragile fabric? Of course, we can! And, before dying, you need to know what type of satin you have: Polyester or acetate satin Silk stain Distinguish Satin type: Burn Test Cut a small portion of the satin from the seam. Place an oven-safe bowl on a flat surface, hold
Bathrobe plays a big part in our life. For instance, people will wear it at the end of the day. And, it is very easy to make a bathrobe sash if it has gone missing. How to Make Bathrobe Sash Cut two strips of sash fabric, 5 inches wide and 36 inches long. Place the
An old T-shirt may bring back memories of your past. Therefore, you had better not easily throw away your old T-shirt. In general, you can turn your old T-shit or a new large one to a nightie out of a T-shirt. Step 1: Soften the shirt Place a pot with heat water on the stove
Some women like wearing nightdresses, for they can feel sexy as well as comfortable at bedtime. Although many different materials like silk, satin, cotton, nylon and wool can be used to make nightdress, silk nightdress is the most popular because of its silky texture and comfort. However, it is not difficult to find a right
Making a simple nightshirt out of a sheet that you don’t need to use not only help to save money but also gives you a chance to perform a craft. Many bed sheets, made of linen or silk, can be used to make nightshirt, for these are thin and light. What’s more, linen nightshirt is
Newborn baby also can wear some soft and comfortable nightgowns. Besides, these baby nightgowns are easy to put on and take off. What’s more, the gathered skirt portion of the nightgown is able to prevent baby kicking their feet out. Steps To Make A Suitable Baby Nightgown Use a fabric to make a 24-inch wide
If you want to sew a nightgown effectively, you must know the basic garment construction and sewing techniques. And, it is recommended to make your own nightgown with your measurements before investing in the nightgown industry. Step 1: Measure and cut pieces for the nightgown Measure the length of the nightgown, and add 2 inches
Bathrobes can be dyed easily since they are made to be absorbent. Although most bathrobes are made of cotton, some are made from wool or silk. To different materials, methods of dying are also different. Dye Cotton Bathrobes Wash bathrobe to remove any dirt or grease. Mix water and salt, and submerge the bathrobe in
Want to create a boxing robe for your favorite boxer? You not only can use sleek silk satin fabric but also turn to rayon fabric to create boxing robe. Prepare All Template Pieces for Boxing Robe Separate the sleeves from bathrobe. Rip open all stitches to get two sleeves, two front sections and one back
We have few opportunities to get together with people around us. So, to compensate for lost time together, women usually will choose a local hot spot to host “ladies night out”. Some useful ides for ladies sleepover party are shown here. 1. Send Slumber Party’s Invitation Design and print beautiful invitations, send them to your
It is a challenge making a silk kimono robe at home, but interesting it could be. Here are some useful information that will help you make kimono-style robe that belts at the waist. Before that, you need some silk fabrics.  2.5 – 3 yards is enough for making a robe. 1. Measure your body Stretch
“Bananas in Pyjamas” is an Australian children’s television show. It tells about the adventures of a pair of large, sentient bananas, a group of teddy bears and other assorted animals. The concept was inspired by the success of the song Bananas in Pyjamas, written by Carey Blyton in 1967. The main characters are two anthropomorphic
On a lazy Sunday, many people like wearing pajama shorts to lounge around. However, what should you do if you cannot find the perfect pajama shorts? Here, the good news is that now you can easily make your own boxer shorts. Prepare some necessary materials 1 yard cotton fabric 1 yard 2″ wide elastic Free
Although some silk pajama pants have loose waist and leg openings, you still have chance to convert them to elastic-banded pants as long as you flip some of the fabric at the waist and hems of your pants. Steps to Sew Elastic Band into Pajama Legs You should stitch each end of the elastic band
It is difficult to find the right fit for pajama pants even if there are lots of different pajamas stores. For instance, if you find the legs are comfortable, the waist will be too loose. If the waist is suitable, the legs usually will be too tight. Many people will choose large size, rather than

How to Sew a Silk Head-wrap Scarf

Silk head scarf has many uses. For instance, it can be used to as a headdress or headscarf; it can be used to as the head of a patient who has just received chemotherapy. And, it is very easy to sew a scarf. Even if you are new user, you can easily complete this task
It is a challenge to hem silk, for this delicate fabric will show almost any form of stitching. Besides, sewing the hem to the silk may cause the hem folds. Therefore, many professionals always complete this task by hands. Steps to Hem Silk It is recommended to select thread similar to the fabric as close