Silk Care & Washing Instructions

Learn how to wash silk safely right at home with these easy steps. Dry cleaning can ruin silk, so learning to hand wash the right way is crucial to proper silk care.

It is really hard to remove oil-based stains from silk because of the sensitive nature of silk fabric. In general, with a few household items, we can easily remove oil stains and restore our silk to new again. Steps to Remove Oil-Based Paint from Silk Scrape the oil paint with spoon as much as possible.
It is difficult to remove blood stains. It will be more difficult to remove dried blood from silk. Besides, silk is a very delicate fabric, thus you should treat it very gently when removing its stains. The items below can be used to rid your favorite blouse of the dreaded stains. There is a wide

How To Make Washed Silk Shine Again

Washing silk requires particular attention for silk is a finicky fabric. Although most silk says dry cleaning only, we can wash some lightweight by hand. However, the only disadvantage of hand washing is that it will damage the luster of silk. If your silk loses its luster, you can try the following process to restore

How to Spot Clean Silk Pillows

Silk, delicate fabric, cannot resist friction, twist, scrub or soak. Although some silk supports hand washing, most silk will be easily dyed if they are in contact with water. And, for pillow, you don’t know whether it is safe to wash it by hand for you cannot find a clear tag on it. Here, to
Wrinkles will affect the appearance of silk curtains. For most silk curtain panels, you need to take them to dry cleaner to clean them and remove their wrinkles. However, if silk is relatively clean, you can steam them at home to remove its wrinkle. But, do you know how to steam wrinkled silk curtains without

How to Fix Silk Comforters

As time goes by, you will find the duvet cover of silk comforter has been torn. However, do you know how to repair silk comforters? Steps to Repair Silk Comforters Trim the lines hanging at the tear. Cover the tear with a lightweight, fusible interface. Trim the interface to make it larger than the tear.
Many people like silk sheets since silk is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch and extremely comfortable. However, silk is a smooth material which is prone to slipping and sliding without much effort. There are two ways to prevent your silk bedding from slipping off the bed. Solution 1: Use Straps to Prevent Slipping Sheet straps
Do you know how to care for delicate silk comforters and silk duvet covers? Silk fibers are sensitive to water, heat, agitation and detergent. You had better not use wet cleaning or dryers. If you want to remove dust and dirt from your silk comforter without damaging the fibers, you can try airing and vacuuming.
Although it is difficult to keep beddings on silk sheets, many people including someone who toss and turn at night like silk sheets because they offer a cool yet stick comfort. Fortunately, there are solutions to help keep beddings (like blankets and comforters) on silk sheets. Clips and Suspenders Sheet suspenders, sheet straps, are elastic
Mulberry Silk Inserts

How to Wash Silk Filled Comforters

Read the bedding’s care label carefully before washing your comforter. If it says dry cleaning only, you have to take your comforters to dry cleaner. What’s more, different types of comforters require different ways to clean. For silk filled comforters, you must be very careful for the delicate nature of silk fibers. How to Clean

How to Wash Silk Linens

If silk is well taken care of, it can be used for many years. And the most important thing for you is to wash silk correctly. The following information must be kept in mind when washing silk linens. Never use any bleach-containing laundry solution. In the second rinse cycle of washing silk, add 1/2 cup
For some special occasions like weddings or awards ceremonies, people prefer wearing silk/ satin dress. However, what should you do if there are some wrinkles in the dress? Of course, you can ask a dry cleaner for help. But, what if you have no time to take it to a dry cleaner? In this situation,